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We met Bran when he came to us after being abandoned when he was about 17 years old with a tumour on his spleen. Bran was picked up from the pound by the Dogs Trust. He was desperately and chronically lonely; we think he had lived in a kennel, as he did not know how to live in a house. 


Because of his poor physical and mental health when he was abandoned Bran was expected to live for only a few weeks. He came to live with us as one of our first residents in June 2016.  Slowly, he began to trust and know that this pal was for keeps. What he needed more than anything was a pal. We aw need someone to wake up for. 


We got to know each other and became best pals. Bran's favourite things are the CAR!!!!, SWEETIES!!!!, sunbathing, going to the beach, SWEETIES!!!! in the CAR!!!!, neck massages, eye rubs, his bed time routine, and, recently, his new home that we built him. He loves the Hospice, and his favourite bit is the rug beside my desk where he lies and watches me work. That, apparently, is very tiring! 

On 2nd June 2019, we celebrated Bran Day, a celebration of knowing each other for 3 years! Bran is now 20 years old,  and a bit shoogly, and he is maybe not as mentally sharp as he once was, but for now he wants to be here. 

Shitter McDitter, Brandenburg Cake, Brandonburger, Shoogly McDoogly, Doofus McRoofus, Bran the Man, SuperBran, He-Bran, Branflake, Feral Jobby Trampler. My pal. 

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