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21st July 2017


Georgia died yesterday just after 5pm, held close to my chest next to my heart like she loved to be, wrapped in her crocheted blanket. We both knew her life was almost over so we spent the afternoon together, we spent a little time outside to get the fresh air and I took her out to see our new caravan, as I knew if she had been well enough she would have loved to explore it! She was so curious and loved seeing exploring new things. She was fascinated by her syringe when I gave her water to sup. She preferred to drink from that than her water bowl!

Until yesterday morning she was eating and drinking and fighting so hard to live. Like I would if it was me, she fought for her life. She was 18 months old and her natural life would be 10 or more years, so of course she wanted to live.

She didn't die so young - like you or me dying at 16 years old, or a dog dying aged about 2 - because of a terrible accident, or a horrible, unforeseen tragic disease that ended her life long before would be expected. That would have been tragic. But it wasn't just tragic; her death was deliberate. She died because there was a time bomb put in her, a time bomb that ticked as every egg she laid in the last year - 12 times more than she should have laid - took more and more and more from her. She was expected to die because the people who used her life made her with an expiry date. Every egg put so much stress on her reproductive system that it was actually expected that at little more than a teenager she would be so exhausted that parts of her body would rupture, shut down, block, disease and die.

Georgia was born with the sole purpose of being worked to death.

She was out of the factory for 20 days in the sun, and she died in my arms. 

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