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Supporting The Hospice


 I am very grateful to anyone who would like to support the work of the hospice to provide comforting, compassionate and responsible care during life and a peaceful, dignified death for my friends.

The hospice receives no government funding and I do all of the fundraising, from individual rather than grant donors. No one is paid and there are very few overheads and admin costs as I own the house and land, so donations go to help give the folk here happy lives and lots of adventures and good things. I wish I could pay for it aw myself but for now I cannae, and much as I can clean chicken sheds and get beaten up by dickheid turkeys aw day, I cannae make money grow so I rely on donations from people who want to join me in giving the folk who live here the best lives and deaths we can. 

Tending ailments and staying healthy

If you would like to help to pay to keep bellies full, beds warm and bodies and minds healthy and happy for the folk who call the hospice and sanctuary home, they and I would be very grateful. 

The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice and The Karass Sanctuary is a charity registered in Scotland with the Office for the Scottish Charity Regulator as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation, registration number SCO46918. 


Charles' Hoose

To keep his place nice and tidy to impress the few folk he actually likes.


'Got any biscuits, Mister?'

Keep the woolly lot jacked up on their treats.

Auld Stoats.png

Lucky Dip

Stock up the 'sweetie' cupboard and lucky dip bowl for the dogs - it's very important, so the Auld Stoats tell me


Unashamed Hedonism

The feline folks demand that they are kept in the lifestyle of luxury and idleness to which they have been accustomed and it doesnae come cheap, not that they give a damn.

Medical Care.png

Intensive Care

Providing stookies for chookies, x-rays and all other veterinary requirements



A week's food for Andrew, Emily and their pig pals... snufflingly good!

Fill 166 teenage cockerel bellies for a day.png

The Full Cock-a-doodle-doo

195 is a LOT of cockerels who eat a LOT of food... I'll just leave it at that...


The wummin wrote a book! 

Looking after dying animals has taught Alexis what really matters in life - kindness, compassion and love

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