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The Hospice

The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice is the first purpose-built companion and farmed animals hospice in the world (as far as we know!), and is situated in a peaceful, hidden corner of the world, just outside Kirkcudbright in Galloway. 





















The hospice has three suites - including the infamous Feral Jobby Trampler Suite where Branigan Shenanigan once slept - with indoor bedrooms and outdoor patios. There's a communal living room and kitchen and about half an acre to sniff, potter and play. It's a cosy place with a few day beds to choose from where auld men dugs gather round the fridge in the wee small hours, smokin, drinkin and betting on who can get their pee furthest under the fridge. I've given up trying to keep the couch clean, and pretty colour-coordinated rugs have become long strips of whatever carpet off-cuts I can get my hands on that can be changed every few weeks (or few days... pee-Olympics-dependent...). It's lived in and it smells like an auld man dug urinal no matter what I do, but home is home and we're happy in there warm on cold days and cool on hot days (that's Scottish hot, it's a different scale). 

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